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Roseville Transit - Commuter PM Route 1

Route Description

Roseville Transit - Commuter PM Route 1 operates Monday–Friday unless otherwise noted.

Rider Eligibility Restrictions

This service is open to the general public.


View detailed fare information on the Roseville Transit Fares page.


The schedule below may not include all stops served by this route. Please refer to the route map above to view all stops served by this route.

Roseville Departures 

No Reverse Commute available on this route.

Sacramento Stops & Arrivals 

Time points are scheduled departures. Drivers will wait at these locations until the scheduled departure time. 

-:- denotes stop made by request

‡ denotes bike locker

Departure TimeStop Location
-:-15th & K
3:25 pm15th before N
-:-P & 13th
-:-P before 11th
-:-P & 9th
3:31 pmP & 7th
-:-5th & P
-:-N & 7th
-:-8th & Capitol
-:-8th & K
-:-8th & I
-:-H & 11th
-:-H after 14th


Roseville Arrivals 

Arrival times are approximate.

‡ denotes bike locker

Arrival TimeStop Location
4:05 pmLouis Orlando Transit Center
4:11 pmCirby at Sunrise
4:11 pmCirby at Sunrise
4:15 pmMaidu Park & Ride ‡
4:29 pmSaugstad Park & Ride

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