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Roseville Transit - Commuter AM Route 5

Route Description

Roseville Transit - Commuter AM Route 5 operates Monday–Friday unless otherwise noted.

Rider Eligibility Restrictions

This service is open to the general public.


View detailed fare information on the Roseville Transit Fares page.


Roseville Departures 

‡ denotes bike locker

Departure TimeDeparture Location
6:40 amTaylor & I-80 Park & Ride ‡
Sacramento Stops & Arrivals 

Arrival times are approximate

-:- denotes stop made by request

‡ denotes bike locker

Arrival TimeStop Location
-:-12th past G
-:-I & 12th
7:10 am9th past I
-:-9th & K
-:-9th & Capitol
-:-9th & N
-:-9th & O
-:-P & 9th
7:16 amP & 7th
-:-5th & P
-:-N & 7th
-:-N & 10th
7:23 amN before 14th
-:-16th & Capitol
-:-16th & K


Roseville Arrivals 

Arrival times are approximate

Arrival TimeStop Location
7:51 amSierra Gardens Transfer Point

Download Commuter Guide PDF